Jeff is sensational. Very knowlegable about his work and pleasant to work with. He gives advice based on what he would do in his own home, and I appreciate that. I definitely recommend Richardson Pest Solutions - you'll be happy you called for your free inspection and estimate.


Chuck first worked for us not long after we bought our home in 1991. We had termites and he managed to find the sources and had a beam replaced, treatment, and now we are happy to be termite free for well over a decade. We had evidence of brown recluse. That problem has come to an end however as a precaution we still have treatments. Moles love the area where we live and with his relatively inexpensive plan we have had no sign of moles this Spring. I endorse Chuck Richardson and suggest him to clients and friends for inspections and treatments. On another note never buy a home in St.Louis without a termite inspection by a reputable trustworthy company!


I love Richardson Pest! I called them 3 1/2 years ago when we had termites; he made an appointment, arrived ON TIME (that is really important to me), took his SHOES OFF at my door!! In the last 3 1/2 years Chuck has faithfully attended to our house, our wishes as far as what wewanted or did not want treated, and most of all, our property. I trust that he uses the correct formulation, and I can count on one hand the number of bugs I have seen over the past three and a half years - all DEAD! Richardson Pest Solutions rates are reasonable, and Chuck and all his people are most professtional. I would (and have) recommend Richardson Pest Solutions to everyone.


Thank you a lot for giving me a remarkable opportunity to check pest control tips from this website. It is very informative and also full great tips.Thanks!!


We met Chuck as a referral from a neighbor, and quickly began to realize he was extremely knowledgeable, so much so that while attending to our mole problem he happened to notice a termite infestation to the support columns to our deck. His attention to detail saved us potentially thousands of dollars in future repairs. We also took advantage of his bug treatment program and have finally eliminated our ant problem. We trust Chuck and have less to worry about regarding our home.


Jeff services us every 6 months. We are very pleased with the work he does. Our seasonal bug problem has been under control every since they took over. Would highly recommend Richardson Pest Control.


Chuck came out and took care of a nasty termite problem! Every time he comes back he's so personable and nice.


Chuck has been keeping my backyard rid of moles for years, and I have never felt the need to check anywhere else - his prices are great and he is as professional as anyone you could come across!


Chuck and Jeff came out to give me a Termite treatment, and couldn't have been nicer or more professional! And they got rid of my termites!


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"I prefer the customer service model that Richardson Pest Solutions utilizes. They will call and remind you the day before your appointment."

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