Unwanted guests are always nuisances. Unwanted pests are downright bothersome. If you have animals invading your attic or critters crawling where they shouldn’t be, contact Richardson Pest Solutions.

We are members of the National Pest Management Association, and have been a family-owned and family-operated business since 1972. Please contact us today for free inspections and estimates.

We’re available Monday through Saturday and we’re ready to serve you.

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Pest Control In St Louis, and St Charles

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My name is Chuck Richardson. Welcome to the website for my company, Richardson Pest Solutions. I founded my Pest Control company here in St. Louis in 1972, and I am the Owner and Main Pest Control Expert at Richardson Pest Solutions.  P5030780We are members of the National Pest Management Association, and have been a family-owned and family-operated business since 1972. Please contact us today for free inspections and estimates. The whole St. Louis area, from St. Charles to Greater St. Louis, is our territory.  We will come to you and solve your issues with Pest Control, Animal Control, Termites, Squirrels, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Brown Recluse, Spiders, Bats, Moles, Raccoons, Rats, Mice, and any other pest control issue that you need a certified pest control expert to solve.

We’re available Monday through Saturday and we’re ready to serve you. We are the St Louis Leader in Pest Control, Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, and Termite Control.  Most Termidor Termite Agreements are covered by our TERMIDOR DAMAGE GUARANTEE!  Call (314) 297-2210 or 636-387-2400 for a Free Inspection!

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Most Termidor Termite Agreements are covered by our TERMIDOR DAMAGE GUARANTEE!  Ask about our guaranteed 12-month programs! We have been termite specialists since 1972.

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Ants, like other insects, are survivors.  They are masters at finding ways around seemingly insurmountable odds.  There is a reason that it takes a pest control expert to get them out of your house, as they find ways to adapt to everything that you can throw at them.  For example, while ants like wet areas, they can be drowned in enough water.  However, they have learned how to adapt to sudden floods in a very ant-like way.  Ants, when presented with a flood situation, create rafts, with the queen in the center, to lift the important parts of the colony to rise above the water.  They link their limbs together, to create these floating rafts, and keep the colony from drowning.  This leads to a hierarchy, establishing what the ants find important.

Interestingly, the brood, the pupae and larvae, end up on the bottom.  They float the queen on top of her kids!  The workers get spread throughout the raft, as would be expected, but turns out that ant babies are quite a bit more bouyant than would be expected, seeing a high survival rate from these situations.  In fact, this rafting behavior leads to my major point, that ants are very adaptable.

Many poisons that are sold over the counter can work on a few ants, but they are generally smart enough to start avoiding the poisons and work around them.  It requires a professional touch to get rid of them, and that's where Richardson Pest Solutions comes in.  A professional Pest Control Expert, like Chuck Richardson of Richardson Pest Solutions, can determine whether or not you have an ant infestation, and rid your home of this problem.  Visit today and set up a free inspection with St Louis' best termite control company.

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It's Raccoon season again, and Richardson Pest Solutions will help you get them out and keep them out of your home!
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Raccoons - Destructive But Cute

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By Chuck Richardson

Raccoons are very smart animals.  They know where to find food, they know where to get into your home, and they can find a way into the hidden spaces in your home, living in your attic and crawlspaces.  This is especially bad during the winter months, when they seek shelter and will nest in your home, tearing up your insulation and walls.  This can also lead to physical problems.

An unfortunate elderly woman in Massachusetts is undergoing rabies shots after a rabid raccoon sauntered into her home, slept on her bed, and attacked her violently.

From NECN:

The raccoon, according to animal control, walked into the home on Hersey Street through a small cat door.

Hingham Animal Control Officer Leslie Badger says the raccoon then, "made it's [sic] way up onto the bed and then curled up and went to sleep."

"It got into bed, and she thought it was her cat and started petting it," said a neighbor who knows the victim well.

At that point, animal control says the raccoon attached itself to the woman's face and started to attack her.

Unfortunately, the woman was scratched and bitten by the raccoon pretty violently, and suffered wounds to her hands and face.  She is recovring at home, and has to undergo the extremely unpleasant series of rabies shots.  The raccoon was euthanized after testing positive for rabies.

This illustrates the danger in having these animals in the house.  If you hear scratching in the attic or other noises that aren't the usual noises of your home, visit today and call (314) 297-2210 or 636-387-2400 to schedule an appointment with a St. Louis Pest Control Expert.

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By Chuck Richardson
Many pest control experts can find an entranceway chewed by a rodent.  They chew through wood and drywall easily, and gain access to your St. Louis home via these chewed holes.  However, these aren't the only ways that rodents can get into your home. 

One would think that your home's foundation would be a place that rodents would have a heck of a time accessing.  It's solid concrete (either blocks or bricks) and for Pete's sake, rodents can't chew through that.  However, foundations aren't permanently set in exactly the same place.  They settle, move, and creak and crack.  As the mortar deteriorates, cracks appear between blocks/bricks that rodents are quite adept at sneaking through.  Contractors are also a major contributor to this issue, as they will create huge holes in the foundation to run cables, and often will not patch them, as they don't believe that people will ever see them. 

Any foundation inspection starts with a full walk-around of the building, with careful attention paid to any cracks that may lead to ingress into your home, looking for damage around vents, conduits, and cables that create these breaks.

Some tips to remember:

All pipes and utility lines need to be sealed at choke points to keep rodents from getting past.  These include water lines, cable, phone, and electric. 
Check the crawlspaces and basement vents
Rats will burrow beneath shallow foundations, so look for the telltale burrow marks.  They'll also use this to access via plumbing.
Look for dryer vents and air conditioning vents that may not be sealed properly to the wall.  This is an easy egress point.

For more information and to schedule a free inspection or free estimate, visit today and call (314) 297-2210 or 636-387-2400 to speak to a St. Louis Pest Control Expert.
Contact the author with questions at

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